Reason 1) for using TrainerForce technology.

                     Train Clients From Anywhere In The World

Online Workout Plans    
  • Create endless workout plans and assign them to clients' calendars
  • Offer a discounted program where online clients choose their own workout plans from the database and they add them to their online calendar
  • Use our huge library of complete workout plans designed by our certified-trainer
  • Even add your own custom exercises to use with your workout plans
  • Upload streaming videos of yourself performing classes or a single exercise

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Mobile Access

  • Give your clients workout access in the palm of their hand, through our mobile app
  • Eliminate all boundaries -- you can train anyone, no matter where they live
  • Keep clients on track and accountable even when they are on vacation

High Tech Accountability

  • Online workout logs. We offer TWO different log options or create your own custom one
  • Connect and Share. Our tool that let's your clients invite friends and family to be their online cheering squad
  • Online journal. Private journal for each of your clients so they can post from their phone or computer about observations, challenges and successes

Nutrition Guidance

  • Create custom meal plans from our large database of foods
  • Use our library of meal plans
  • Provide nutrition tips; RD-designed video and audio educational series
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