We give you MORE trainer tools and features than anyone.

                     That = The Most Flexibility...

In Your Pricing, How You Train, How Much Time You Spend

Mix and Match our tools anyway that you want.

YOU decide what access EACH of your clients receives

Here are just a few ways you can increase your revenues with a TrainerForce membership.  

Workout Plan Options


More Experienced Clients = Less Work Time For You

Charge A Discounted Rate For The Following:

  • Client access to our database of 100s of workouts
  • They add their own workouts directly to their private calendar
  • Multiple log options so both of you can track their efforts
  • Online journal lets client post observations, challenges and successes


  More Novice Clients = Higher Personalization From You

More Personalization Allows For Higher Prices

  • Design custom workout plans using our database of 2,000+ exercises

  • Upload your OWN custom exercises

  • Add workout programs directly to your client's private calendar

  • Let clients access their workout plans from anywhere by using our mobile app version

Nutrition Help


Give Your Clients Ready-To-Use Nutritional Help

Charge A Discounted Rate For The Following:

  • Access to our meal plan creator with 7,000 unique foods. They can create their own 7-day plans.
  • Provide clients access to our meal library
  • Encourage clients to utilize the online food log


  Offer More Personalized Nutritional Guidance

More Personalization Allows For Higher Prices

  • Use our Nutrition Navigator tool to share your suggested meal plans

  • Encourage clients to add their own favorite foods to their meal database

  • Add your own custom foods and create food pantry items for recurring use

Accountability And Peer Support


Tap Into The Social Networking Success

Charge A Discounted Rate For The Following:

  • Peer support through online means is HUGE and can improve client success rates
  • Our Connect and Share feature lets clients invite anyone they want to be their cheer squad through password-protected posts, etc.


  Create Peer Support System For Higher Client Adherence

More Trainer Input Allows For Higher Prices

  • Our Team-Up module lets you group clients into successful teams

  • With Team-Up, each team has their own customizable webpage with posting and uploading capabilities

  • You design challenges and goals to keep clients interested, motivated and on track

  • Our system automatically tracks the team goals for you



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