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Complete website source for your clients. We offer way more than just a workout program creator. With a TF membership you give your clients access to articles, charts, tracking logs, tips, exercise library, pre-designed workout plans and more.

Technology used by online training leader. Our owner (a renowned certified personal trainer) started her own highly successful online personal training business that has become the industry leader. We provide you the opportunity to learn from her experience and use the same training technology. So, you can be rest assured that our technology and features have been proven. All of our features have been used in the "real-world", not just in theory!

Mobile Phone Access. Not only can your clients access all the feature through their computer but they also can view workouts, meal plans, logs, messages, and more right from the palm of their hand. With any Internet-enabled mobile device, they can login from anywhere and get on-the-go support.

Custom header design. We offer you the ability to provide your very own, custom header to be included on your webpages. You aren't limited to using our header designs. So, if you already have a design being used on another website, you can have it matched on your TF website.

Extensive Nutritional Database. Nearly 7,000 unique food items that you can look up data such as calories, carbohydrates, etc.

You Can Offer A Variety Of Membership Levels. With TrainerForce you can create multiple different membership options for your clients and therefore offer different rates based on what your clients get. You choose exactly what you want each of your clients to have access to on your website. For example, one level may have access to everything and another level may only have access to one or two of the features. It's totally flexible.

Real human model in demos. All of our animated exercise demonstrations feature a human model to most accurately depict the proper exercise form. This is much easier for your clients to understand then a 2-D drawing.

Multiple custom website pages -- Up to 15 Of Them. You can provide content about your services, background, etc. on personalized public website pages. In addition you have the opportunity to provide unique content to your members such as adding your own tips, articles, recipes and more on more custom pages.

Add your own custom exercises. With TrainerForce, you can even add your very own custom exercise options. You add the image, the instructions, etc. These are only viewable to you and your clients (not other TF members). With our library of more than 2,000 exercises plus your ability to add even more exercises, you'll always have your competition beat on variety.

Exclusive FitTracker. Clients can track their fitness goals and progress using advanced 3D charts and graphs

Upload Streaming Videos. Easily create streaming videos to talk with your clients and promote your PT business.

Podcasting. Stay connected with your clients by giving them downloadable cutting-edge audio you create.

My Active Profile. Give your clients their own customizable webpage that allows them to personalize it, upload their own streaming videos, keep an online journal and more.

TeamUp Fitnes. Create unlimited numbers of teams to group individuals together for success. Team members get their own unique home page to customize with pictures, messages and videos.

Automatically track every exercise you recommend. TF will automatically track every exercise you recommend to your client. So, if you want to make sure you keep your client's workouts fresh and fun by continually recommending new, different exercises, you can easily do that with the help of TF. You don't have to do anything. Simply click on a client's information and you'll see a log of every exercise you've ever had them perform.

Pre-designed workout plans. You get access to 100's of ready-to-go workout plans for all fitness levels. So, when you don't have time or just don't want to create your own workouts, just have your client use one that is already completed. How's that for effortless!

Default reps, sets for quick use.  With our Trainer Wizard program, each one of our exercises includes a default number of reps, sets, resistance size, rest time, and frequency. So, this saves you time when creating workout plans. You can choose to use our default numbers (or you also have the option of easily changing them).

Highly personalized. We want to make sure you are successful! So, we offer complete customization. Want to change something or add something. Just let us know and we'll work with you to try to accomplish it.


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