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Your in-person clients expect you to offer a comprehensive online system. Not only is it a great tool for attracting clients, with advanced features like streaming video and podcasting, it also helps to retain them by being there for them 24/7! 

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      Get the most complete PT site going for your business! No other source has all this for your business. If you're just getting started with an online presence, TrainerForce Starter is a great way to get going!   Take your online presence to the next level. Get all the great TrainerForce Starter features, AND more custom content, more control over advanced features and tools to support larger groups of clients and trainers!  

For our most advanced customers, a complete system that is FULLY PRIVATE LABELED to show only your company and brand. No TrainerForce references and your system runs on a private website you can personalize.



    Access to more than 2,000 animated exercise demos (library includes male and female demos)        
    Trainer Wizard Design-A-Workout Program        
    Ready-To-Go Workout Routines        
    Create Custom Meal Plans        
    Membership Levels allow you to provide different access levels to your clients        
    Fully personalized and customizable web pages   10 pages   15 pages   15 pages  
Add your own custom exercise demos


    Create custom meal plans for your clients        
    Clients get complete printable grocery lists        
    Add your own custom foods plus add specialty items to your pantry        
    Huge nutritional database for look up        
    Use our ready-to-go, RD-approved meal plans from our nutrition library        
    Library of RD-recorded educational streaming videos for client viewing          
    Library of RD-recorded educational audio casts for client listening          

CLIENT TOOLS - FitTRACKER/Social Networking      
    Clients can track their fitness goals and progress using advanced 3D charts and graphs        
    Quickly and easily set-up charts and update the stats as often as needed        
    My Active Profile member's home page that is customizable by your clients.          
    Social Networking: clients can choose to share their My Active Profile page with friends and family. Friends and family can track the client's wellness journey and even add message posts to the client's private page.          


    Daily fitness tips        
    Customizable fitness newsletter for clients. We provide the rich content. You add your personal touch. You add the e-mail addresses, we manage the delivery and unsubscribes.     (sent to clients only)     (clients and prospects -- mailing list limit)     (clients and prospects -- no list limit)  
    Automated daily/weekly e-mail alerts sent to your clients        
Send group e-mails
    Detailed Workout and Food Logs        
    Personalized Message Board / Forum        
    Trainer video - easily create streaming videos to talk with your clients and promote your PT business        
    Podcasting - stay connected with your clients by giving them downloadable cutting-edge audio you create        
    Assessment Forms for your clients to complete online (plus you can create your own custom forms)        
    Mobile Access -- your clients access workouts, meal plans, logs, messages and more through their cell phone or other mobile device            


    FREE Membership in the Online Personal Training Association        
    Extensive Marketing Section: Online and In-Person Training Advice, Ask The Expert Area and Trainers Share Successes        
    Easily accept online payments        
    Web hosting included        
    TeamUp Fitness Module. Create unlimited numbers of teams to group individuals together for success. Team members get their own unique home page to customize with pictures, messages and videos.            
    ADVANCED FEATURES              
    Fully private-label system - no reference to TrainerForce on your system            
    Tight integration with your existing website            
    Set your own site colors, fonts and menus to match your own website      


    Assign streaming videos to individual clients          
    Streaming video  - create full video programs, link multiple videos together into "collections" with chapters for comprehensive video instruction (Advanced feature Coming Soon! Other Streaming video features are currently available.)            
    Assign podcasts to individual clients (Coming Soon!) Standard podcasting feature already available.          
Podcasting storage 6 mb 20 mb unlimited


ADVANCED MODULES              
    GROUP TRAINER PRO MODULE - Give a group of trainers access to the same centralized system and allow each trainer to have their own administrative area and the ability to keep their client data private. Great for fitness studios and clubs that have teams of trainers.          
    GROUP TRAINER PREMIUM MODULE - Manage your trainers with administrator features such as monitoring each trainer's login history and easily reviewing all trainers' content. Also, enable the sharing of workouts between all trainers. Great for maintaining your team of trainers online by providing a consistent look-and-feel, controlling content and creating a common set of resources.            
    NUTRITION NAVIGATOR PRO MODULE - Give your clients direct access to managing their own meal plan system, setting up their own menus and adding custom foods.          
    FitTRACKER PRO MODULE - Get the flexibility to create custom charts for virtually any data item in addition to the standard FitTracker charts available.          


    1 MONTH   3 MONTHS   1 YEAR  


Single Trainer

Add Multiple Trainers

(all trainers will access the same administrative/client area)




$20 setup

  $29.99 (per month)*   $19.99 (per month)*  
      $24.99 for each add'l trainer   $19.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*   $14.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*  




Single Trainer

Add Multiple Trainers





$20 setup

  $39.99 (per month)*   $29.99 (per month)*  
      $34.99  for each add'l trainer   $29.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*   $24.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*  


Single Trainer

Add Multiple Trainers





$20 setup

$54.99 (per month)* $44.99 (per month)*  
  $49.99  for each add'l trainer $44.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer* $39.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*

*all months paid in full at time of enrollment


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